What is a Goldback?

"Greenback" has been a slang for a U.S. dollar, since the Civil War. In 1861, the government first started printing a currency with green color on the back. As a currency, it was not backed by any precious metal. There were times when dollars were backed by gold or silver, but those days are long past. Since 2019, we have pliable-flat money that has gold color on the back. The color doesn't come from ink but real 24K gold. History has made a full cycle, we now have sound money backed by gold. Hence, the name "Goldback".

The Goldback® is an ingenious type of 24K GOLD note used in place of fiat currency. Unlike the dollar, this note is literally backed by precious metal. The gold is not a simply gold foil pressed against a bill but uses a micro-printing vacuum deposited gold. The note is then covered by a super durable polymer. Currently, 5 states have Goldbacks as specie legal tender instruments.

Note: To avoid the confusion of these with other monetary instruments, use the trademark term of 'Goldback' or 'Goldbacks' rather than "gold back", "gold backs" or "gold backed".

Besides for collecting Goldbacks, what can you do with them?
  • Use them as an educational tool to explain how REAL money is supposed to work by being backed by a precious metal.
  • Where legal, you can spend or barter with them. There is a growing list of businesses that voluntarily accept Goldbacks.
  • Earn interest by depositing your Goldbacks into their special bank that pays 2% or more annually in Goldbacks.
  • They are guaranteed to exchange 1000 for a 1 Oz Gold Eagle or Buffalo.
How many Goldbacks have been minted?

Goldback created some charts for the first two years of mintage. The charts are misleading about the quantity. If you compare the 1s with the 50s, it appears that there are more 50s minted than 1s. The chart shows the quantity times the denomination. For example, the 2019 50 shows 130,350, but the quantity is 130,350/50 = 2607. The following table shows the quantity for each denomination and the total values of the quantities times the denominations.

After 2020, there is no known source of production by state. The home page of Goldback provides a chart of total mintage by quarter in which we use to produce our tables of mintage.

Total Goldback (GB) Mintage of ≈24.3 Million as of January 1st 2024

Year/State 1 5 10 25 50 Total Value in GBs
2019 Utah 90,546 24,697 9,537 3,831 2,607 535,526
2020 Nevada 138,400 19,450 9,800 5,680 3,240 637,650
2020 New Hampshire 48,060 6,400 3,230 1930 960 208,610
2020 Utah 171,303 19,400 13,045 6,590 5,242 825,603
2020 Totals 357.763 45,250 26,075 14,200 9,442 1,671,863
2021           ≈3.8 MIllion
2022           ≈6.15 MIllion
2023           ≈12.5 MIllion
Which State will get the next Goldbacks?

Arizona and Idaho are the most likely next Goldback states for the following reasons:

  • Arizona and Idaho border two states with existing Goldbacks and 4 of the 5 existing Goldback states are adjacent to each other.
  • Arizona and Idaho are both in the top 12 states in the 2024 Sound Money Index and all existing Goldback states are in the top 12.

Alaska, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas are the next likey tear of Goldback candidates as they round out the 2023 top 12 best states in the Sound Money Index. In 2024, Arkansas dramatically moved forward in the Sound Money Index to 5th place.

With the Sponsor a New Goldback® Series, any State or locality within the world can have the next Goldbacks, but it will require an upfront lease of over 100 thousand of Goldbacks. The sponsor does have the advantage of approving the artwork, though.

Goldback Videos
Michael Piccioni interviews Jeremy Cordon -
  • Jeremy shows an online map of 100s of businesses in Utah accepting Goldbacks.
  • He was initially concerned that businesses would find it difficult to convert their received Goldbacks back into dollars, but found that only 1 percent want to get back into fiat currency. Instead, the businesses reuse the Goldbacks.
  • Jeremy explains the prolific counterfeiting of small 1 gram gold bars.
  • They discuss the demographics of Goldback users as being in their 30s and younger whereas the people going to coin shows are over 50.
  • They discuss the use of silver and bitcoin.
  • Each year the sales of Goldbacks doubles.
Watch the extraction and measurement of the gold in a Goldback -
  • Lengthy video showing the complicated steps to separate the gold from 10 Goldback 50s
  • The assay matched Goldback's claim of a total of 0.5 Oz

Buy today and be prepared before your dollar looses even more purchasing power.